Ukrainian forces have defeated Russian soldiers | Russia stole $530 million

Ukrainian forces have defeated Russian soldiers

Ukrainian forces have defeated Russian soldiers – According to individuals with connections to the Kremlin, a Ukrainian counteroffensive that has already recaptured thousands of kilometers is breaking through Russian defenses in the southern Kherson region that was only very recently incorporated into Moscow’s annexation territory. Moscow has not too long ago formalized its control over this region by annexing it.

According to Vladimir Saldo, the governor of the Kherson province who was appointed by the Russian government and who made an appearance on Russian state television, a number of communities that are located approximately 70 miles (113 kilometers) northeast of the city of Kherson on the Dnieper River have been overrun.

Reuters has supplied a translation of what Saldo said, and the most crucial aspect of what he said can be summarized as follows: “Let’s put it that way; it’s tense.”

This information was shared by Igor Konashenkov, who serves as a spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Defense. He did so during the course of his daily briefing. He said that the opposition “managed to get into the depths of our defense with better tank units.

” [Citation needed] On the other hand, Konashenkov asserts that Russian forces have taken a defensive position and “continue to inflict significant fire damage” on Ukrainian forces. He says this despite the fact that Russian forces themselves have not taken any casualties. This footage was made available in spite of the fact that the Russian soldiers had fled the scene.

Ukrainian forces have defeated Russian soldiers
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After retaking the strategically significant city of Lyman in the Donetsk province, which is located close to the border with the Luhansk province, Ukraine claimed to be making gains in the Luhansk province as well. Lyman is located near the border of the Donetsk and Luhansk provinces. Lyman is located rather close to the international boundary.

Russia’s ability to integrate four occupied regions — Kherson, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Zaporizhizhia — is currently being called into question as a result of recent victories made by Ukraine. A week ago, Russia declared an overwhelming victory in elections that were widely criticized. read also – Taj Mahal The Famous Tourist Place

The cities of Kherson, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Zaporizhia are included in these regions. At this point in time, representatives of the Russian government are unable to even agree on where the boundaries of the provinces should be situated.

HIMARS launchers

Soon, not in a couple of years’ time, the United States will provide to Ukraine four more of the rocket launchers that have proven to be essential in the conflict with Russia.

High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS for short, will be included in the new $624 million military aid package that is likely to be unveiled on Tuesday, according to officials from the United States who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Because of their ability to attack precisely from a distance of more than 40 miles and destroy weapon depots and bridges that Russia uses to supply its soldiers, Ukraine has benefited from the shipment of HIMARS and the latest delivery will bring the total number of HIMARS it has received to 20. This capability has contributed to Ukraine’s success in shifting the momentum of the fight in its favor.

This new supply of HIMARS is in addition to a program that was revealed in recent weeks. Under this program, the United States and its allies will support the purchase of 18 additional launchers of this type in the years to come in an effort to strengthen Ukraine’s long-term defenses.

Russian media critical of war

According to the Institute for the Study of War, “embarrassing battle casualties” in the northern Kharkiv region and more recently in the large eastern city of Lyman, along with the difficult mobilization of civilians, “are fundamentally reshaping the Russian media environment” (ISW).

When Russian official media outlets and military bloggers are confronted with the factss on the ground, they are pointing fingers at Moscow’s failings and complaining about misinformation regarding the fight, according to the observation of a research tank in Washington, DC.

Some guests on pro-Kremlin television shows have even expressed their opposition to the planned annexation of four Ukrainian provinces that the ISW study indicates are becoming increasingly difficult for Russia to maintain its authority over. The provinces in question are Donetsk, Lugansk, Donetsk Oblast, and Donetsk Oblast.

Ukrainian forces have defeated Russian soldiers
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And a Russian population that had, for the most part, disengaged from the war has become skeptical and mistrustful as a result of the increased possibility of being more directly affected by the battle, and in some cases being forced to participate in it. This is because of the increased likelihood that they will be more directly affected by the battle, and because of the fact that they will be forced to participate in it.

The institute’s statement, which stated that the Kremlin’s proclamation of partial mobilization exposed the broader Russian populace to the impact of the setback around Kharkiv and later at Lyman, shattered the Kremlin’s efforts to depict the struggle as limited and generally successful.

Investigation: Russia stole $530 million in Ukrainian grain

According to the findings of an investigation that was carried out by The Associated Press and the PBS series “Frontline,” Russia is to blame for the theft of grain worth at least $530 million that was grown in Ukraine as part of a complex smuggling operation that was used to help fund the conflict.

The grain was stolen from Ukraine as part of an operation that was used to help finance the conflict. As part of the intricate smuggling operation that was employed to assist in funding the fight, the grain in question was cultivated in Ukraine.

Following three dozen ships that made more than 50 trips carrying grain from Russian-occupied territories in Ukraine to ports in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and other countries, the news organizations discovered that Russia used “falsified manifests and seaborne subterfuge” to steal the grain.

This was discovered after the news organizations followed the ships. The news organizations trailed the ships, which led to the discovery of this information. The news organizations followed the ships, which resulted in the finding of the information that was being sought.

In a series of statements made previously, Moscow has categorically refuted the allegations made by Ukraine that it took grain during the conflict. Ukraine is the party responsible for making the claims.

According to a prosecutor by the name of David Crane who has been participating in a number of international war crime investigations, this behavior is nothing more than simple pillaging and looting, which is also considered to be a punishable offense under international military law.

Ukraine’s UN request is rejected by Russia

On Friday, Russia exercised its right to veto in the United Nations Security Council, preventing a Western-led effort to denounce the annexation of Ukrainian territory by Russia’s military. As a result of China and India’s decisions to not participate in the vote, Russia was unable to attract any additional supporters for its position.

It was a sure thing that Russia would use its veto, but Western powers still sought to demonstrate Moscow’s isolation in its conflict, and they plan to carry the effort to condemn Moscow to the General Assembly, where every nation has a vote. Despite the fact that it was a sure thing that Russia would use its veto, Western powers still sought to demonstrate Moscow’s isolation in its conflict. read also – New York City

The United States managed to force through a resolution only a few hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin made the announcement that Moscow had taken control of four regions of Ukraine. After the Russian military had taken control of the territory, the Kremlin had scheduled referendums to be held in these areas, and they were held not long after the military took control.

Ukrainian forces have defeated Russian soldiers
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To fulfill this responsibility was one of the primary motivations behind the establishment of the Security Council in the first place. The United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, emphasized that it was essential to “protect sovereignty, safeguard territorial integrity, and promote peace and security” at the outset of the meeting.

She claimed that the United Nations was established on the principle that it would never again be acceptable for one country to take the land of another country by means of the use of force, and that this principle served as the foundation upon which the United Nations was built.

Vassily Nebenzia, the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, voiced concern that it was unprecedented to seek the condemnation of one of the five permanent members of the Security Council who have the right to veto resolutions. Russia is a member of the Security Council and a permanent member.

Do you in all honesty believe that Russia will take into consideration such a draft and support it? And if that is not the case, it would appear that you are purposefully trying to get us to exercise our right to veto so that you can then go on and on about how Russia is abusing that right. If that is not the case, it would appear that you are trying to get us to exercise our right to veto so that you can then go on and on about how Russia Nebenzia noted.

The United States of America and Albania were going to co-sponsor a resolution that would have condemned the “illegal” referendums that were held in Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine and called on all states to not recognize any changes to Ukraine’s borders. The resolution was going to be presented at a meeting that was going to be held in Albania. Both nations would have served as sponsors for the resolution if it had been submitted.

On top of this, it would have required that Russia immediately withdraw its forces from Ukraine, putting an end to an invasion that started on the 24th of February.


Ukrainian forces have defeated Russian soldiers | Russia stole

More than 380 Russian tanks have reportedly been captured by Ukraine since the start of the conflict, according to open source investigators Oryx.
According to reports, Russia's invasion of Ukraine has cost it over 650 tanks. According to experts, the losses were caused by advanced anti-tank weapons that Western nations had given to Ukraine, poor strategy, low morale, and significant design flaws.
Russia lost was 1,837 artillery systems
Despite being an artillery war, Ukraine is still using Javelins to destroy tanks.
ukraine have 6,500 tanks.
However, it is unlikely that Russia will soon have a serious shortage of tanks. Despite suffering significant losses, Russia still has the necessary equipment to carry on its war for years.

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